Systek is a consulting company started in 1982 by Dr.Shashi Menon, PhD PE and Pramila Menon, MBA providing engineering and computer software to the oil and Gas Industry. The engineering software products include Steady state and Transient analyses of isothermal and heated liquid(Liqtherm) and gas(Gasmod) pipelines through short or long trunk lines with one or more pumps and compressor stations as well as heaters spaced along the pipelines to reduce the viscosity and hence the pumping power required at each pump station. In addition software products include Centrifugal pump performance(PUMPCALC).


Books published on Gas and Liquid pipeline design and calculations

Engineering Consulting

Perform steady state and transient (surge) hydraulic studies for liquid and gas pipelines. Perform Feasibility studies and economic evaluation for liquid and gas pipeline systems. Develop project cost estimates and schedules for pipelines, compressor and pump stations. Pipeline Hydraulics Training for Engineers - Liquid and Gas Pipelines and Pumps. Basic Hydraulics Training for Pipeline Operators - Liquid and Gas Pipelines and Pumps.

Software Products

Software for the Oil and Gas industry and providing on location and online training...

YouTube Links

A comprehensive list of videos showing how to use our software by our expert trainer

Associates & Consultants with Systek

In addition to engineers from Systek the following consultants are available to provide engineering services as needed.