GPIPE is a hydraulic simulation software for gas pipelines. This is a scaled down version of GASMOD described above. Up to 10 compressor stations can be modeled.

GPIPE is a steady state, thermal hydraulic simulation program for gas pipelines. Several compressor stations along the pipeline can be modeled, considering various pressure drop formulas such as AGA, Panhandle A or B, General Flow Equation or Colebrook-White equation. Gas may be injected or stripped at various locations along the pipeline. The soil, pipe and insulation thermal conductivities may be specified for calculation of heat transfer between the gas and the surrounding soil.

How GPIPE Works

GPIPE is a scaled-down version of our larger hydraulic software GASMOD. The limitations of GPIPE are as follows: Maximum of 200 node points and 10 compressor stations. No pipe branches or loops and no hydraulic gradient plot or cost calculations.

Compressor station fuel consumption and HP are calculated and output with the pressure and temperature profile and the line pack in the pipeline.

A Quick Pressure Drop option is available for quickly calculating the inlet or outlet pressure of a pipe segment for a given flow rate, at the click of a button. GPIPE is ideal for the analysis of existing gas pipelines or the design of new pipelines.

The latest version of this software can be run on Pentium and AMD based computers with a minimum 256 MB RAM running Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Window 7. A minimum hard disk space of 20 MB is required for installing the software.

The larger model GASMOD has many more features and handles 1000 pipe nodes, 100 compressor stations, 50 pipe loops and branches, performs cost and tariff calculations and plots hydraulic gradients.

Free Technical Support is provided for registered users of this software for a period of one year from the initial purchase date. After that period, Technical Support can be provided only if an annual Software Maintenance and Technical Support (SMTP) plan has been purchased. Minor program updates and maintenance releases are posted at SYSTEK’s Web site for licensed users to download free of charge. You may need to contact SYSTEK to obtain a password for downloading and installing an updates from the web site. Major upgrades are issued twice a year at special prices to current licensed users. Call or write for details of SMTP plan.