lPIPE ( aka LIQTHERM-Lite) is a steady state, hydraulic simulation software for liquid pipelines under isothermal (constant temperature) flow.

It is a scaled-down version of the LIQTHERM software. Multiple pump stations (Maximum of 10 pump stations ) along the pipeline with pumps in series or parallel at each station may be modeled.

A maximum of 200 pipe nodes can be modeled.

The latest version of this software can be run on Pentium and AMD based computers with a minimum 128 MB RAM running Windows XP/Vista/Window 7. A minimum hard disk space of 20 MB is required for installing the software.

The software is licensed for use on one computer at a time. Network and multi-user licenses are available.

How LPIPE Works

Calculations are performed for a given input flow rate and fluid properties. Liquid may be injected or stripped at various locations along the pipeline. The resultant blended liquid properties (specific gravity and viscosity) are calculated for each pipe segment. Pressure drop for each segment is calculated using one of the various equations (such as Colebrook-White, Miller, Hazen-Williams, etc.). Pipeline elevations are taken into account in determining the discharge pressures required at each pump station. At each pump station, the number of pumps, their configuration (series or parallel) and the pump curve data (flow rate, head and efficiency) may be specified. Calculations are performed such that maximum allowable operating pressures (MAOP) of each pipe segment is not exceeded. Batching of different liquids can also be simulated by specifying the batch size and product name of each liquid batch. Liquid properties, such as specific gravity and viscosity for each product is stored in a database which can be edited and new products added as shown in the screen below.

If the input flow rate is too high for the pumps or requires pipeline pressure exceeding MAOP, the program iteratively calculates the maximum flow possible. The amount of pump impeller trim required to minimize energy lost due to throttling can also be calculated.

LPIPE can be used for the design of a new pipeline or checking capabilities of existing pipelines, with or without using pump curve data.

The pipeline profile data is entered using a spreadsheet screen as shown below. Each milepost location is entered in a sequential fashion with incremental distances for each pipe node. For each pipe node, the pipeline elevation, diameter, wall thickness, pipe absolute roughness and pipe MAOP are entered. Help is available on each data entry screen and on the status bar at the bottom of each data entry screen.

The results of the hydraulic calculations are displayed on the screen in a scrollable window. The output report is also saved in a disk file for later viewing or printing. The output file can be re-named, if needed. A printed copy of the calculated results can be generated after reviewing the screen output.

Pump curve data is input by specifying at least three sets of data (flow rate, head and efficiency values) from the manufacturer’s pump performance curve. A maximum set of ten data points can be input. Pump curve data may be reviewed and the pump performance plotted as shown in the screen below.

Options are available for determining the performance of a pump at different impeller sizes and pump speeds.

Last minute changes to the program are documented in a file named README.TXT, if present on the program disk.

The latest version of this software can be run on Intel Pentium and AMD Athlon based computers with a minimum 256 MB RAM running Microsoft Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7. A minimum hard disk space of 20 MB is required for installing the software.

The software is licensed for use on one computer at a time. Network and multi-user licenses are available.

Features of LPIPE

LPIPE is a powerful hydraulic simulation program for liquid pipelines under isothermal (constant temperature) flow. Despite the complexity of the program it is very user-friendly. Online HELP is available for most data entry screens and the program has extensive error checking features. LPIPE has the following

Significant features: Calculates steady state, isothermal hydraulics of a pipeline transporting a liquid. Liquid can be injected or stripped at various points along the pipeline.

Viscosity units may be in SSU, SSF, centistokes or centipoise.

Liquid gravity may be specified in specific gravity or API gravity.

A built-in database of liquid properties can be revised and updated.

The available pressure drop formulas include Hazen-Williams, Miller, MIT, T.R. Aude, Colebrook-White as well as the Moody diagram version.

The Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) of the pipe can be calculated and automatically inserted in the data file.

The pipeline can have up to five pump stations with pumps in series or parallel at each pump station. Calculations can be performed with or without considering pump curve data. There may be a maximum of 5 pumps at each station. Individual driver HP can be specified.

Detailed pump station definition, such as pumps being turned ON and OFF. Select from available database or create new pump curve data. The amount of pump impeller trims required to minimize throttling can be calculated.

Individual pump curve data can be viewed, edited and plotted on the screen or the printer.

The maximum pipeline throughput for a given MAOP can be calculated for a specified pump station configuration.

The Hydrostatic Test Pressures based on pipe hoop stresses of 90% and 100% Specified Minimum Yield Strength (SMYS) can be calculated. Technical Support:

Free Technical Support is provided for registered users of this software for a period of one year from the initial purchase date. After that period, Technical Support can be provided only if an annual Software Maintenance and Technical Support (SMTP) plan has been purchased. Minor program updates and maintenance releases are posted at SYSTEK’s Web site for licensed users to download free of charge. You may need to contact SYSTEK to obtain a password for downloading and installing an updates from the web site. Major upgrades are issued twice a year at special prices to current licensed users. Call or write for details of SMTP plan.

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